Summer 2023 -Must See Films


As you may be aware, there is a film and television strike for the WGA (Writers Guild of America) and SAG (Screen Actors Guild). I call this the summer of strikes, but if you have watched any films, television, or streaming services since the pandemic, or this summer, you understand how integral this art form is to our lives.

The creative arts connects us all in profound ways. It sparks debate, conversations, or allows each of us a much needed departure from our daily lives.

Some of my favorite must sees of the Summer are:


2-Flamin’ Hot

3-The Little Mermaid

4-Painkiller (Netflix Series)

5-WHAM! (Netflix Doc)

6-The Perfect Find (Netflix)

7- Joy Ride


9-Spider-Man Across the Spider Verse

10-Asteroid City

(Rotten Tomatoes and IndieWire)