D'angelo Thompson
1 min readFeb 24, 2021


Born near the banks of oppressive waters of the Mississippi River, yet full of optimism of the days yet to come. Where my blackness and roots will sew many great adventures, opportunities, and wealth.

Born in a state that doesn’t see or value the people you love or that look like you.

Fly that flag of days of ole, yeah you know the one.

Wear your hoods or shall I say wear your uniforms.

Burn your crosses or shall I say shoot your guns.

String up those elegant bodies.

Deeply rooted in your archaic history, has kept you in the past. A past that not only fails the melanated ones but your bloodlines as well.

Your lack of good wishes for the “other” has spiraled downwards for all who call your state home.

Living and loving with a double consciousness eventually becomes a mental illness, that only the Holy Ghost can exorcise.

The countries and people you despise and refer to as “other”, ironically you have the same economic and educational structures as those in developing nations.

Yet, within this oppressive system, beautiful diamonds are unearthed that are praised all around the world. Iconic blues singers, jazz musicians, composers, a world-renowned opera Diva, actors, female transformational artist, artists, scientists, diamonds with rough and refined edges.

Your loss or will you claim them only when it’s convenient to do so.

“Mississippi, Goddam”.

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D'angelo Thompson

Worked as a makeup artist for over two decades, serial entrepreneur, and authored over four books to date.