D'angelo Thompson
4 min readFeb 13, 2024

Belinda Carlisle, ‘KISMET’

by D’angelo Thompson

Courtesy of Belinda Carlisle, Photo by Albert Sanchez

Belinda, meeting you and your husband, Morgan, in Mexico City last year, alongside our dear mutual friend, Michael Johnson, was an absolute delight. Engaging in conversation with both of you was a highlight of my travels.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview amidst your busy schedule filled with travel and performances. Before we delve into our discussion, I want to congratulate you on being honored with the Harvey Milk Diversity Award (Ally Award) in March 2024, recognizing your contributions to the LGBTQ+ community. Your journey as a singer/songwriter, mother, activist, and global citizen is both inspiring and noteworthy.

1-DT: Have you always aspired to perform and sing?

BC: Singing and performing were childhood fantasies for me, complete with dressing up and putting on shows. My interest deepened in high school as I discovered alternative music, such as Iggy Pop, The Runaways, and the burgeoning punk scene. That’s when I knew I was completely committed to this path.

2-DT: Can you share some of your fondest memories from performing with The Go-Go’s over the years?

BC: Like many bands, I believe our fondest memories are from before we hit the big time. We were deeply embedded in the LA Punk Scene, living in the same dive hotels and motels as many bands of that era, and there was something incredibly pure and exhilarating about driving to a show during those early days.

3-DT: With your love for travel, you also have an exceptional eye for art and interior design. Do you have a favorite artist or design style that influences you?

BC: My interest in decorating and design was sparked early on, significantly influenced by my best friend’s brother in high school, who, along with his partner, had a stunningly styled home in Echo Park. That experience ignited my lifelong passion for interior design. I have always enjoyed decorating our homes around the world, blending finds from flea markets with pieces from notable designers. My design taste, which I believe to be quite refined, is heavily inspired by my travels. This passion even led to a partnership with Bergdorf Goodman, where I launched a line called Belindia, inspired by my global adventures.

Upon relocating to Mexico City, I sought assistance due to the language barrier, despite our differing tastes. My preference for rich textures and patterns meant I had to rely heavily on my artistic intuition.

4-DT: Your activism, particularly for the LGBTQ+ community, has been notable. What sparked this interest?

BC: I’ve never explicitly identified as an activist, but my circle of friends has always been incredibly diverse since high school. My genuine love for them didn’t change, but the AIDS crisis in West Hollywood was a pivotal moment that heightened my involvement in initiatives like the AIDS Walk and Project Angel Food. Having a gay son further emphasized the importance of creating safe spaces for him and others, which led me to engage more actively with PFLAG.

5-DT: Receiving the Harvey Milk Diversity Award is a significant honor. What does this recognition mean to you?

BC: This award is profoundly meaningful to me; it resonates with my core values. The emotional weight of remembering the years of effort and the loss of loved ones, including my best friend to AIDS, will be overwhelming. This honor means more to me than any Grammy could.

6-DT: Music has a unique power to connect and heal. Can you share how music has transformed your own life?

BC: Music continues to be transformative for me — it’s a source of upliftment and escape. Its power to touch lives is unparalleled, and its importance has only grown. On my recent UK tour, I witnessed firsthand music’s ability to lift, heal, and inspire people, especially in these challenging times.

7-DT: Your EP ‘Kismet’ and its leading single, ‘Big, Big Love…I’m gonna find it,’ resonate deeply. What inspired this project?

BC: The genesis of ‘Kismet’ is quite the tale. I was contemplating retirement when my son unexpectedly encountered Diane Warren at a Starbucks — a place neither usually frequented. They FaceTimed me, and Diane insisted she had a hit song for me. Though initially hesitant, understanding the two-year commitment it entailed, ‘Big, Big Love’ convinced me to dive back in. That serendipitous meeting? Pure ‘Kismet.’

8-DT: You’ve recently released a new Christmas song in Spanish that’s creating quite a stir. Can you tell us more about it?

BC: Yes, it’s quite an unexpected story. I attended a concert by Emmanuel, a celebrated Mexican artist, and went backstage to compliment him on his performance. Fast forward 18 months, and I received an invitation to collaborate on a Christmas song. Surprisingly, it became a hit.

9-DT: As we wrap up our interview, what are you most thankful for?

BC: Above all, I am thankful for my family and my health. I engage in a gratitude practice every day, reflecting on how truly blessed I am for the life my family and I have built together. This daily ritual keeps me grounded and appreciative of every moment.

10-DT: Thank you so much for sharing your time and insights with us. For fans eager to follow your journey and enjoy your music, where is the best place for them to connect with you?

BC: Fans can keep up with me on TikTok and through my official Facebook page, Belinda Carlisle Official. Those platforms are the best spaces to stay updated on my work and to listen to my music.