D'angelo Thompson
2 min readAug 27, 2023

A Nature Refresh

Photo by D’angelo Thompson

Many families and individuals travel during the summer months. They often look for a respite in nature, but with climate change that is becoming a major concern.

From fires in Canada and the West Coast of America burning through millions of acres, including the Greek Islands. We are also experiencing heat waves around the world, as well as major storms and flooding. It is making it increasingly difficult to find that much needed nature refresh.

The way humankind treats the environment must change to stop this seismic shift that may prevent all from enjoying the zen vibes that nature so effortlessly gives us all.

I have a gratitude practice that I do every morning that sets the tone for my day. It helps me commune with my emotions and connect to nature. This morning I woke up at a friend’s home in South Burlington, Vermont with a gorgeous view of the mountains and Lake Champlain with a heart full of gratitude for the sweet summer air. It is a reminder of the majesty of nature and all that she provides.

As we all travel to see friends and family in preserved natural environments around the world, we must make sure that it remains well taken care of for all of our benefit.

Image Of Playa del Carmen by D’angelo Thompson (2022)